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The Google Method is a podcast exploring the design stories behind Google products and the people who make them.

Nov 14, 2019

Maggie Stanphill, Director of UX at Google talks about her efforts in Digital Wellbeing.

How this became a focus in the tech industry, and what is Google doing to contribute?

I hope you enjoy the episode.

Sep 17, 2019

Garrett Tolbert, Andrea Davila, and Alex Lim talk to us about life as a Google UX intern.

In this episode, we talk with a trio of UX interns with three very different paths to Google: What led them to their internships? How their experience has changed them. What’s next in their UX journeys?


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Aug 20, 2019

What does the term “creative collaboration” mean to you? What do you need to consider when the things you create are seen in the seams of people’s day? How do the images we see everyday impact our living experience?

Join us as we explore these Questions with Emily Blank, Art Director on Google’s Material Design...

Jun 25, 2019

From prototyping futures to designing artifacts solely for discussion, tune in to explore the idiosyncratic—but important—field of speculative design. In this episode, host Travis Neilson sits down with Philip Battin and Curtis Flanagan from Seed Studio, a Google design team working on future-forward creative...

May 28, 2019

What makes a portfolio stand out? Why is the design exercise necessary? What exactly is a “noogler” and how do you become one? In this episode, host Travis Neilson talks with Google Design Manager Mike Buzzard about the seven phases of the Google UX hiring process. Along the way, hear audio clips of designers...