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The Google Method is a podcast exploring the design stories behind Google products and the people who make them.

May 1, 2018

In this episode, Aidan Simpson interviews UX Researcher Todd Hausman about human side of research, taking career risks, and his work on Chrome OS—the operating system on devices like Chromebook and Acer’s new Tab 10 tablet. Learn more about the journeys and creative decisions of designers at Google by subscribing to the Method podcast on Google Play, iTunes, RSS, or Spotify.

A few highlights:

On the best part of being a researcher

“What I love about being a researcher is that you get this snapshot of someone's life for just a fraction of a moment. You get to see where their pain is, where their strife is, where their hopes are, and their aspirations.”

On overcoming career fear

“Do bold things because what's the worst thing that can happen? You get fired. …[But] if you got this job, don't you think you can get another one? What often holds us back is the fear of discipline or the fear of retribution. But don’t be afraid.”

On giving honest feedback

“It’s one of the hardest parts of leadership. The people I admire the most are people who can give hard feedback in a way that doesn't feel hurtful or cutting. It feels true and it gives you something to grow on.”

Todd Hausman is a UX Researcher working on Google’s Chrome OS. Todd specializes in ideation in cross-disciplinary teams, participatory design, and ethnographic field studies—especially in emerging markets.